About us

CLGC Introduction

Like all great enterprises, Coastal Line General Contracting Company LLC     had its roots in humble beginnings. Today Coastal Line General Contracting Company LLC is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is our pride to be associated with the best of names in the UAE Construction industry in the short span of time since its inception.

A Brief History

For millennia, people have been building homes. Beginning with caves, man ventured to build shelters from natural means like leaves, grass, trees, stones, clays and gradually home-building evolved into the global business of construction. Great people have said that there are three basic businesses which will never go out of business – viz Food, Shelter and Clothing.

With the explosion of the population, the construction business grew by leaps and bounds. However, most companies consider construction as the means to dig profits while only a handful treat their profession as “home-building”. Coastal Line General Contracting Co LLC (CLGC) is one of those companies founded with the intention of providing the best homes for people who need them most.

Before being rechristened as Coastal Line, CLGC had already begun its voyage towards excellence under the name of Al Rakha Building Materials Company. Our very first project was a contract for concrete works for Mussafah Gardens Mixed use land and in this very first venture we earned kudos for completing the work before the targeted schedule.

Today Coastal Line can boast of having worked for major names like Construction General Contracting House Ltd, Orient House for Development & Construction Co LLC, Terna S.A., Mohammed Ghanem Al Menhali Gen. Contracting, Ghantoot, China State, Doka, Emirates Link etc.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment


We always believe that Quality Excellence is inseparable from Health, Safety and Environmental Protection. We are continually proving our deepest concern not only in satisfying our customer’s needs but also in protecting the health and safety of our personnel, customers, any interested parties, materials/equipment and the environment where we work and live.

CLGC takes pride in providing its employees a safe and healthy environment to work in, without compromising any critical aspect for their well-being. Through strict internal monitoring and policing, the company is able to reduce accidents and casualties to very low levels, thereby reducing the man-hours lost at each project site.

CLGC is also Eco-friendly, as it adopts the idea of energy saving and is committed to responsible consumption, we have tied with Environmental Service Provider FiveM for paper recycling which is used at our office.

CLGC establishes an efficient and disciplined organization that is responsible and accountable for all aspects of work. Professional expertise emphasizes on safety supervision with the scheduling of daily and weekly progress meetings to ensure all preventive measures are being strictly applied.


Message from MD

For over nine years we have prided ourselves on motivation, development and well-being of our people in an atmosphere of care and respect that fosters their professional excellence and commitment to our success. Integrity is not just a word for us, when we make a commitment to a client; it becomes our focus to ensure the client’s needs are met. Our responsiveness to client’s needs and our excellence in Technique, Quality and Safety will maximize the value of our services and ensure client satisfaction. Excellence means doing the job right the first time, portraying a proper and correct image and striving continuously for improvement in everything we do. It also means conducting business in a fair and ethical manner. We strive to do all this whilst still providing the best value for money for our customer. Our Vision is to sustain CLGC’s position as a Leading construction company in the region and our aim is to make CLGC to be the company of choice by delivering projects on time, within the set budget and in high quality-creating value with human intellect and modern technology.


Mission & Vision

  • Mission :-
    • To maintain sustained growth ensuring professionalism, dedication, commitment to excellence with consistent profitability while retaining mutually beneficial relationships with all our esteemed Clients, Consultants, Suppliers, Main Contractors and our   Employees.
    • To commit ourselves to construct with adopting right technology, ensuring high quality and adhering to safety standards in all our jobs and to establish reliability and certainty of in time completion on us among all our esteemed customers.
    • To ensure that our growth is firmly linked to our employees continuous development and rewarding careers, safety and health, job security and welfare.
  • Vision :-
    • To be the prominent leader in the construction industry & build services in the field of industrial, commercial & institutional construction across middle east & globe for the creation of better life.
  • Motto:-
    • Dedicated and Continual strive to provide excellent, reliable and quality construction services with a blend of creative, strategic & technical expertise in every activity and to deliver the work within the budget to harness repeat orders.
  • Values:-
    • Ethics: Integrity, Honesty and Fairness are core values of our company.
    • Excellence: We set high standards and strive to improve our output.
    • Fair Return: We earn a return that corresponds fairly to the value we deliver.
    • Work Environment: We encourage openness, teamwork, trust and mutual respect.
    • Safety: Zero Accident is our target to protect lives and properties.