Message from MD

For over nine years we have prided ourselves on motivation, development and well-being of our people in an atmosphere of care and respect that fosters their professional excellence and commitment to our success. Integrity is not just a word for us, when we make a commitment to a client; it becomes our focus to ensure the client,s needs are met. Our responsiveness to client’s needs and our excellence in Technique, Quality and Safety will maximize the value of our services and ensure client satisfaction. Excellence means doing the job right the first time, portraying a proper and correct image and striving continuously for improvement in everything we do. It also means conducting business in a fair and ethical manner. We strive to do all this whilst still providing the best value for money for our customer. Our Vision is to sustain CLGC’s position as a Leading construction company in the region and our aim is to make CLGC to be the company of choice by delivering projects on time, within the set budget and in high quality-creating value with human intellect and modern technology.